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Star Gayzers Membership Fees: 2020-2021

Just a reminder that annual membership fees are due for all members.

Star Gayzers is open to anyone who identifies as LGBTIQ or is sympathetic and understanding of LGBTIQ issues.

Visitors to Star Gayzers Monthly Meetings are always welcome. 
Feel free to get to know us before becoming a member.

Annual Membership goes towards the general running costs of the association.

eg: public liability insurance, venue hire fees, etc.

Not a member of Star Gayzers ??

Becoming a member is easy....
Just apply online via our online store.

Membership Fees

Renew or Apply Online:

You can renew your membership online at our online store:

Star Gayzers Management Committee: 2020 - 2021

The Star Gayzers Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 3rd August 2020 and the New management committee members for the 2020 - 2021 year have been voted in:

Executive Members:

 Calvin M.
Vice President:  Michael W.
Secretary:  Peter S.
Treasurer:  Andrew A.
General Committee Members:

Webmaster: David P.
Communications Officer:  Stephanie D.

Our Management Committee

Containers for Change: Fund Raising for Star Gayzers.

Thanks for your support !!!  

Since November 2018: we've raised over $520.00 via the Containers for Change refund scheme and we're on-track to be able to offer cheaper membership fees in the next financial year for members.

You're welcome to bring your containers to our monthly meetings:
  • Please remove any plastic bottle caps
  • Please ensure conatiners are empty
  • Please rinse containers
  • Please do NOT crush any containers

Queensland has a new container recycling scheme started 1st November 2018.

We are now registered as a community group for the scheme where your returned containers can help raise funds for Star Gayzers.

Just quote Star Gayzers Scheme ID: C10013703 when you return your containers for recycling and the refund will automatically be sent to Star Gayzers.

Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, you will be earning some change for Star Gayzers.

Registered Astronomical Organisation: Laser Pointers

Star Gayzers has now been approved by Queensland Police as a Registered Astronomical Organisation (RAO) for the use of Laser Pointers.

To use a Laser Pointer with Star Gayzers you must:

  • Be a current financial member of Star Gayzers.
  • Have your membership Laser Safety Certified endorsed by completing the following:
    • Download a FREE copy of the Star Gayzers Laser Safety Training Guide from our Online Store.
    • Attend the Star Gayzers Laser Safety Training course held regularly at Star Gayzers monthly meetings.
    • Return a completed Laser Safety Agreement form.

For further information about using Laser Pointers as part of your Star Gayzers Membership, please see our Laser Pointer Policy.

Laser Pointer Policy

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NEW: Star Gayzers Online Store

We've just opened our Online Store:

  • Become a new member of Star Gayzers
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  • Order your Star Gayzers polo shirts.
  • Laser Pointer Certification & Training

New: Star Gayzers Image Gallery 

We've added a new Image Galley for Star Gayzers Members to show of some of their beautiful Astronomy Images.

We'll add more images each month, so keep checking for some of the latest images our Members produce and gratefully allow us to share on our web site.


Image Gallery

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